Friday, March 6, 2015

The Josh Hamilton Conundrum

This is a tough subject for me. 

On one hand, 2008. Yankee Stadium. 2012 in Baltimore. Game 6 at Busch, the top of the 10th, just so we're clear. 

There are countless times that I can remember standing up off my couch, pleading for a majestic moon-shot from arguably the greatest prospect and human specimen to ever step on a diamond. Or standing speechless, just in awe of effortlessly he could glide around the outfield. Or how his long powerful legs took him from first to third in around six big strides. 

On the other hand, towards the end his legacy as a Ranger was tarnished by a number of different things; a complete lack of effort, Katie, ocular keratitis, Sherlock's Arlington, and most annoyingly, "guys its me Josh."

Part of me wants to say good riddance, the guy has had plenty of chances. 

Part of me (the correct part) is genuinely sorry for him and his family.

Man, I don't know if there's ever been an athlete waste as much talent as Hambone has. That hurts me as a fan of this game. I can only imagine how that must eat at him daily. 

Josh Hamilton just flat-out makes you romantic about baseball. 

Honestly, if he hadn't screwed over JD & Co. and then high tailed it to Orange County, I wouldn't be bitter at all. He was a main piece here during the best years of Ranger baseball and that is something that sticks with you.

I'll say one last thing, then it's back to your regularly scheduled spring training game. 

To Josh Hamilton:

I am praying for you sir. Baseball aside, I hope you figure this out and keep your life together, I'm sorry for all those things I yelled at you through my TV. I sincerely hope you get better and are able to be a great father to those girls. Thanks for everything you did at 1000 Ballpark Way. We'll always have Game 1 of the 2010 ALCS.

I guess sometimes you just have to believe in people.

"And four weeks later nobody even speaks about it, damn, I just had to say my peace about it."

-Cheyenne T. Bauman